Instant, reliable personality profiling

Gain a rich assessment of a candidate’s personality before you meet them.

Profiling using social media

Accurate because uses real behavior and content.

Cost effective

Fully automated process allows you to assess large numbers of candidates at low cost.

  • Secure process

    Results can be shared with candidates, and no one else without permission.

  • Frees up resource

    No more time consuming and intrusive manual searches.

  • Better interviewing

    Line managers know what a candidate is really like, and can build on this in the interview.

  • Scalable

    Efficiently assess 2 people or 2000.

  • Increase talent pool

    Identify potential in outliers you might have rejected without this additional insight.

27% of major European employers left a position open because they couldn't find anyone with the right skills ... the most acute shortage being in 'soft skills'.

McKinsey E2E Europe youth survey, 2013

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